Cestine Music Analytics - Part I (Introduction )

Spotify API - the Spotify Web API returns metadata about music artists, albums, and tracks, directly from the Spotify Data Catalogue. Also, this enables us to extract data related to Top 10 charts (Based on country, genre, mood, and several other elements) that are curated by Spotify itself.

I started analyzing Spotify music data (#ProjectCestine) using Spotipy python library and the results I found were amazing!

 Basically, I'm trying to understand how Spotify algorithmic playlists works (Release Radar and Discover Weekly), the overall behavior of the algorithm and how good the music needs to be to get curated by an editor (for Spotify editorial playlists)

To accomplish this, I've created my own Spotify Artist profile and I actually started making music! (I'm not even joking!). 

I'll soon publish the article with all my findings. Till then, Feel free to have a stream and follow my "official" artist channel.

Thank You! :)


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Here are top streaming tracks of Cestine.

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