Make 21% more money during the week at your Pub using music data

Pubs with music and pubs without music, the turnover difference is huge.

Everyone knows beer and music go hand in hand. At the point when you plunk down to have a drink, it is likely because you’re relaxing. Music is also used to relax, as it occupies brain space that is normally consumed with stressful thoughts, such as work. Thus, people often listen to music while drinking beer.

As a pub owner, surely you already knew this. But what you don’t know is that you can convert this human nature to increase revenue while keeping your customers happy if you know the rules of the game!


“94 UK pubs took part in research, a mixture of ‘music’ pubs and non-music pubs. On Friday and Saturday, the average sale was 48% more in music pubs. Even on weekdays, the average sale was up 21% in music pubs. On average music, pubs made the equivalent of $545 (AUD) more per day on drinks sales alone. At weekends this rose to as much $1,188 AUD per day.”[1]

But the key factor is, You can’t expect the 21% increase by playing “any song” or the “Top 50-week” or “Taylor Swift” on Spotify

You live in 2021 where everything is data. If you’re still one of the businesses without a loyalty card system and you haven’t decided on a way to collect behavior data of your customers, You are gonna regret it in 2 years!!

Why in two (2) years? Because “Live Music Restaurant” and “Live Music Pub” are skyrocketing in google search results with the beginning of 2021.

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At Cestine Music Analytics, We believe “Music is Not Just Instruments Anymore”. They are unstructured data files that we can start analyze after certain steps. And then we can consider the demographics of your customers, break it down by days/time they come in, and create a model to predict the best music/songs to play, which decade the music should be from, does it have to be acoustic, Instrumental only, More tempo,.. etc.

The bottom line is — You need to have a curated playlist to play at your pub for your customers for each day of the week! Because you should seriously consider upskilling the pub game to the next level.

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