What careers would Data Scientists have gone if not Data Science?


Your thoughts and goals are changing with time, So does the careers moves.

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In my opinion, your thoughts and goals tend to change over time. Just think about it for a minute.

What were your goals 5 years ago? And what’s your goal now? Who do you want to be in 5 years of time?

I’m 101% sure that you have separate answers for each question above. Don’t worry, It’s not just you. It’s all of us. It’s in our nature.

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Let’s take me for an example: I started my career as a Software Engineer and I worked hours and hours behind a computer doing C++,C#.Net, PHP, Java, Javascript (React/Vue) coding for years and years. And suddenly I changed my path from Development to Data Science a year ago. If you keen about my journey, click on the below Links :)

There are a lot of career options that you can opt for other than data science like the following:

Data Analyst

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A Data analyst performs the following duties:

  • Imports the data from various external sources
  • Data Cleaning and standardization which means eradicating the duplicates, etc.
  • Data Manipulation in order to find a trend and get insights that is sub setting, pivoting, sorting, etc.
  • Exporting the data to the external sources through the reports or spreadsheets.

Data Warehousing

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The role of a data warehouse is to analyze the data and execute the business decisions based on the data which is obtained from multiple sources. The data warehouses can provide analysts with pre-calculated graphs and reports. The Data Warehouse purpose is to provide key business metrics which is required by the organization to make strategic and tactical decisions.

This job is done with the help of various front-end tools which read the data from the specific areas. A Data Warehouse can either be relational or dimensional and this depends on how exactly the business plans on using the information.

Data Warehousing can be done by using AWS, Azure like cloud services too, So you can always get in touch with these technologies so who knows, You’ll love these more than Data Science.

Data Engineers

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The role of a data engineer is developing, constructing, testing and maintaining the architectures like the data bases and the large-scale processing systems. Data engineers are required to deal with the raw data which consists of lot of errors and this data might not be validated, it is unformatted and can contain some codes which are system-specific.

A data engineer has to recommend and sometimes implement new ways in order to improve the data reliability, efficiency and the quality. The person should have knowledge of a variety of programming languages and tools in order to do this job.

Predictive Analysis

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Predictive analysis is actually a data-driven technology and statistical technique that examines the large data sets in order to discover the patterns to uncover new information and then to predict any failure points and the outcome for future. Big Data has a huge influence and benefits every organization when used with predictive analytics. This helps the business leaders in making quick decisions which are basically a road map to success.

The first role is to know the strategic goals which the key points in are measuring the success. It is only after that you can achieve success in your business. By combining big data and predictive analytics, you can easily connect the dots in the business to uncover the trends and know the sales and behavior of the customers.

And the final is my personal favorite (Still)

Software Engineers

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If you fell in love with Python and R during your career as a data scientist, A Developing career may suit you much better than any of the above. The beauty of coding is that the tools and the technologies getting changed every single day! I remember back when I started my career, We had these technologies called AJAX and Javascript and no one thought that these are major languages since C++, Java, and PHP were the giants of programming back in the day. But with time, Javascript was divided with the rise of frameworks (AngularJS, Node JS) and before you know it ReactJS and VueJS have earned their place on Web Development!

Also, We used Putty with Azure to create virtual computers for our deployment stuff and all of a sudden, Docker and Kubernetes have risen like crazy! So.. I hope you all got my point. In my opinion, Software Development is more innovative when it comes to technology-wise updates.

The above are few jobs other than data science which one can go for.

Thanks for staying with me till the end.


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